Sport Massage

Massage involves the manipulation of muscles and soft tissues to aid health, wellbeing, circulation and relaxation. The level of touch used can be light and gentle or deep and quite strong.


Sports massage is a specific form of massage used to help prevent or heal injuries (you do not have to be an athlete!). Moreover, there is now good evidence that massage is an effective treatment modality for common conditions such as lower back pain (NICE guidelines).


An initial session includes: assessment, first treatment and advice (1,5h). After the initial treatment, further sessions can focus on specific complaint(s) in greater depth (1h). A minimum of three sessions is typically recommended to obtain significant improvement. Do contact l'art du chi to book an initial appointment.


Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It helps manage pain using primarily movement, exercise and manual therapy techniques (inc massage).


Besides dealing with musculoskeletal problems, physiotherapists are trained healthcare professionals who work in many areas including chronic pain management, fall prevention and breathing problems. Laurent aims to work collaboratively with clients in order to faciliate self-efficacy (capacity to self manage). Do contact l'art du chi to book an initial appointment.




Winter term 2021

Chi classes offered via zoom.


Below classes pending end of lockdown!

- Intermediate class with Laurent (6.30-8pm) Tuesdays @ The Meeting House; 

-Maggies centre class: Mondays 6-7pm

127 (Advanced) monthly workshop (10am-1pm) at Maggies centre. 

Trying l'art du chi

To arrange an individual session or offer an event for your organisation, simply email Laurent at: We can discuss your requirements and how to best meet your needs.