1to1 sessions

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner interested in understanding the energetic (internal) dimnesion of Taiji, you can book a 1to1 session by emailing: laurent@art-of-chi.co.uk. 


Currently, our regular class is held at:

Meeting house, 7 Victoria terrace, Edinburgh

on Tuesdays (6.30-8pm). Please contact l'art du chi to check if these classes are suitable for your level of experience: laurent@art-of-chi.co.uk


l'art du chi is running regular workshops:

Beginners workshop (2-5pm) Colinton Rd with Anneclaire on 29/11/15

- 127 workshops (10am-1.30pm) at Maggies centre on 1/11, 6/12/15, 10/01, 7/02, 6/03, 3/04, 1/05, 5/06/16 (contact us for details.).

- Maggies centre - Edinburgh (enrol through Maggies).

Laurent has a long experience of offering sessions to a wide varieties of groups and organisations. He has a particular interest in tailoring the work to individuals and groups specific needs. You can email l'art chi to discuss your requirements at: laurent@art-of-chi.co.uk.


The International Inner Way School:

Our taiji school is part of the International Inner Way School. The School was founded in 1988 by Vlady Stenanovitch. Vlady's has develop a unique method teaching the traditional energetic techniques to a western public. The school has now over 300 teachers and more than 5000 students in 17 countries. Laurent is a senior instructor in the Inner Way School and its UK representative. To find out more about the school, please visit: http://www.artduchi.com/int/gb/index.htm


Winter term 2021

Chi classes offered via zoom.


Below classes pending end of lockdown!

- Intermediate class with Laurent (6.30-8pm) Tuesdays @ The Meeting House; 

-Maggies centre class: Mondays 6-7pm

127 (Advanced) monthly workshop (10am-1pm) at Maggies centre. 

Trying l'art du chi

To arrange an individual session or offer an event for your organisation, simply email Laurent at: laurent@art-of-chi.co.uk. We can discuss your requirements and how to best meet your needs.